Pulling web data not in table form

I am looking to pull info from a website. This info is not in table form. This info comes from https://soilseries.sc.egov.usda.gov/OSD_Docs/G/Glencoe.html 

I was wondering if I could pull this whole webpage into excel and then do a VLookup to pull a certain row/column/cell. 

I have tried the Data From Web function but I get errors when the navigator box pops up. 


Any help would be appreciated



By: Kolin

One thought on “Pulling web data not in table form

  1. Kimberley Price

    Hi Kolin,

    So, I would highlight the text to copy.
    When you right click to copy – Click the “Match destination formatting”

    From here, click on data, text to column, then depending on how you want to separate your data;
    For example I would recommend using “–” as the seperator.
    -Click on Data
    -Click on Text to Columns
    -Click on Delimited
    -Click on Other
    -Insert “-” in the box next to other
    -Click Finish

    Then amend manually as required.

    (I’m sure someone may come up with a better idea!)

    Kind Regards,

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