Help with excel formula nested IF statement in simpe spreadsheet using Excel 2016 with Windows 10.


Hi, I am trying to include a nested formula in a spread sheet. the formula is =IF($G22=”S”,$E22-205,””,IF($G22=2,E22))

G22 is either S or 2. If S I want the current cell to subtract 205 from the value of E22 and if 2 I want to simply use the value at E22. When I use the formula above I get and error stating that I have entered too may arguments for this function.

Helpmuch appreciated.



By: David

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  1. Kimberley Price

    Hi David,

    Try this formula instead;


    (You may need to correct the bits past IFS)
    IFS is a great tool for more than one argument like your situation as you want to say If it’s doing this, do this, or if it’s doing this, do that.

    Hope this helps!


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