Keep Cell Constant, but change after Number

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I would like to keep a value constant for the first cell link in this and then change it to the next 4 automatically from $2 to $3. Then after that 4 change to $4. I would also like the second cell link to always be A2, A3, A4, A5 for every set of 4 sums I do.


=’Dining Tables’!$A$2&’Dining Chairs’!A2

=’Dining Tables’!$A$2&’Dining Chairs’!A3

=’Dining Tables’!$A$2&’Dining Chairs’!A4

=’Dining Tables’!$A$2&’Dining Chairs’!A5


This is what the first drag down reads, but I would like it to them do this automatically:


=’Dining Tables’!$A$3&’Dining Chairs’!A2

=’Dining Tables’!$A$3&’Dining Chairs’!A3

=’Dining Tables’!$A$3&’Dining Chairs’!A4

=’Dining Tables’!$A$3&’Dining Chairs’!A5


I hope this makes sense. Any help would be appreciated.


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By: Monty

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