Help with auto populating a sign up sheet

Hi, I’m new to excel and I want so badly to learn it. Anyway, I’ve recently been tasked with attendance and coordinating plans for teams. I don’t know for sure if it’s possible but I feel like it could be. I don’t know what the process would be called so it’s hard to look up an answer. 

What I’m trying to do is create lists based on attendance. I don’t know if the names should be typed in but I feel that it would be better if the name is already there and the individual would select their name either by a drop down list or clicking their name. So when they select their name it would then get auto populated into a list with different teams based on their abilities. For example Megan is creative design, Todd is marketing,Geoff is artist and Amanda is also an artist but our first pick. Say there is 3 to a team a b & c, I would like to select their name if they are here and it automatically go to a list creating a team a. Also if I have 4 artists show up, is it possible to still create a list with the 3 people starting with our top 3 and then placing the fourth into another team, kinda like a backup team in a or b?

If there is a website or terms that could help me look these up or explain/teach me this, I would absolutely be super grateful for the help or direction. If it’s possible, of course lol

By: Tamara P

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