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I am having trouble with a project I am doing with Excel. For my statistics class I have to show the maximum temperature of the 50 states in a 30 day period. I put my data in, use the for formula maximum-minimum and divide by 8 since there are 8 row, and I find a Width of 83.9375 and I round it to 84. At first everything seems normal when working on the lower and upper limits, and the lower and upper boundaries. The problems arise when I start with my frequency. I create my histogram, and under frequency I 34, 14, and the rest are zeros. It seems fine when I calculate the midpoint, and the RF. Except for the zeros under the RF. I get to the part where I see what number I get when combining my frequencies. There’s only 34 and 14 so I get 48, because the rest are zeros. This becomes a problem when its time to work on the CF because I have to add 34 and 14 and I get 48 again. I drag down and it just brings up 48 in each row. I have no idea what I have done wrong, and when I try to redo the whole thing I just get the same answers.

By: Joe

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