Formula for Matching Data Sets

Hey all,


I am working on an analysis project for a tradeshow and am having a difficult time writing the formula to match up different data sets with each other. I’ve attached the general problem we’re trying to solve below.


data set 1: An attendee indicates during registration a product they’re interested in.

data set 2: Exhibitor’s register their booth under the same products attendees selected above.

data set 3: We have a scan list of every attendee that visited every exhibitor booth.

I am trying to write a formula to solve how often attendee’s made it to the booths that sell the products that they indicated they were interested in. I have been successfull in doing it for a very basic test but my current formula would not scale. 

Just for extra in we’re looking at ~15k attendees with who pick an average of 3 products each. with ~600 exhibitors who sell 3-5 different products a piece.

By: Kyle Craig

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