Conditional formatting for entire column

Hi I want to apply conditional formatting to entire column.

Here is my requirement:


I want to highlight a cell if it has a value (date to be specific) greater than its adjacent cell.

For e.g.: Lets say B2 has greater date than A2, then B2 should get highlighted in red. If B2 has equal value to A2 then B2 should get highlighted to green and if B2 has lesser value that A2 then B2 should get highlighted in yellow.

I want to apply this rule to entire B column like if B3 > A3 then B3 should be red. B4>A4 then B4 should be red and so on.

By: Prataik Kanade

One thought on “Conditional formatting for entire column

  1. Kimberley Price

    Hi Prataik,

    I don’t have the answer to highlight the Cell you are speaking of just yet, however if you insert another column and use this code;


    Then do your conditional formatting in Column C to highlight the R/G/Y, this would be a good workaround for now! 🙂


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