Alphabetical sort with maiden name in parenthesis

I am using Excel 2007 on a PC.

I’m using the following formats to enter names in the same column:

1. Last name, First name  – for males and single women

2. (Maiden name) Last Name, First name – for married women

When I sort the column A-Z all the entries that start with ( ) come to the top of the list and the rest go to the bottom. So I’m not getting a true alphabetized list.

I need to have the entries with the (maiden names) fall in alphabetical order with all the other non-( ) listed names.

I tried using brackets [ ] and the list sorts the same way. 

How can I sort this list to achieve the result I need? Or what syntax will help me do this.

I really want the maiden name to be somehow separated using ( ) or [ ].

By: Annie Donovaro

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