OR and MAX

HI, I have Office 3565 MSO exell 32 bit on wndows 10 pro

i have sheet 1 with a listing on line 1 of my vehicle , a column for current miliage to  entered in B1, and an cell C1 to alert me if a need tire rotation is needed. This number will be every 10000 miles 

I have sheet 2 with a listing on line 1 of when these 10000 miles are for my car under different columsn, C2-10000, D3-20000, so on.

I wish to have a cell C1 on sheet 1 to  alert me to when maintencend is needed on my car. I will enter the current miliage into a cell B1, which would check sheet 2  chart of fuute miliage numbers. When the current miliage in Cell 1, Sheet 1,  comes with 1000 milies of the any of the numbers on sheet 2, an alert is given in cell C1, sheet 1, “rotate tires”. The fourmula count should stop at 0, and move on to the next column on sheet2 as my newer miliage is entered over time.

I am thinking =IF(Sheet2!ORC1:D1-Sheet1!B1, Max(0,<1000,”rotate”,””))

By: Steve

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