Filter with merged cells


I have a table with 3-dimensional data (few column headers merged).

Cells A1& A2 merged with title “Part name”,Cells B1&C1 merged with title “Industry1”, Cell B2 “Company 1”, Cell C2 “Company 2”, Cells D1, E1 & F1 merged with title “Industry 2”, Cell D2 “Company 3”, Cell E2 “Company 4”, Cell F2 “Company 5”, Cell G1 “Industry 3”, cell G2 “Company 6”.

I have multiple rows and cells within the range B3XG32 either have Yes or No.


I want to filter all the ‘Yes’ if I filter “Industry 2”.With the normal filter option, when Industry 2 is selected, it is considering only column D, whereas I want this to consider columns D, E&F.

Appreciate your help.

By: Shalini

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