Auto Update Pivot Table issues



I am having issue having pivot tables automatically updating. I am trying to use the code ThisWorkbook.RefreshAll

Tab 1 is going to be my dashboard

Tab 2 is main data tab

Tab 3 is consolidated data from tab 2 to create a chart.


The information I am trying to pull is the belo

Column A – Work Order #

Column B  – Efficiency %


Work Order number is manually typed in. Efficiency % is copied over from tab 2 with formula =’Employee Data & Work Order Data’!F46

That information is calculated in tab two by a series of number with the formula =IFERROR(H54/I54, “-“)

Anytime I update Tab 2 the efficiency % changes on both tab 2 and tab 3. However with the VBA code above input the pivot table on tab 1 does not update. If I remove the formulat in the cells in Tab 3 and manually enter data the pivot table will update. I need it to update with all formulas in tact.

I can send file if it is easier

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