Unable to record macros

I have two Excel workbooks created in MS Office Excel 2007 home edition with perfectly functioning macros which are stored in the respective workbooks.  “Record Macro” works on both of them.  If I open a new workbook, “Record Macro” works.

I have recently installed these two workbooks on a PC running MS Office Excel 2007 professional edition.  The macros in the respective workbooks function properly.  In one workbook, “Record Macro” works fine.  In the other workbook, when I press “Record Macro” the dialog box to name the macro opens up, but when I press OK, I get a message box that says “Unable to record”.  I cannot figure out why.

When I open a new workbook, the same thing happens.  “Record Macro” opens the dialog box, but when I press “OK” I get “Unable to record”.

I have reviewed, line for line, everything in Excel Options on both computers and they are the same with one exception.  My user name in the home edition is Trent and in the professional edition it is Admin.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

By: Trent

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