IF/THEN formula assistance (I think?)


I’m hoping you can assist me in reducing manual input with some fancy formulas I know Excel can offer. 

I currently have a report which details development opportunities of specific user names.  My team log any identified errors against the operators system username throughout the month and then I will investigate who the user name belongs to, their supervisor and their department. This information is then added to the log and then distributed out to the appropriate managers to address. It is currently a long manual process to either check previously reported logs and see if the username appears so that the name, manager and department can be copy and pasted or if not, investigations need to occur in order to find this information and input it again. 

I was hoping there could be a way that Excel could take away some of the required manual input.  So if I have a reference table with the Username|Operator Name|Dept|Supervisor (which I can add to as I come across them) then I’m hoping that when my team add the Username into the log, it will consult the reference table and then automatically input the appropriate Operator Name|Dept|Supervisor in the corresponding fields.

Tell me this is possible?! 🙂

Thank you!

By: Kelly

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