Sort data and form graphs

Hi there! Relatively new to excel, so please bear with me


So I have a spreadsheet of data that sort of goes like this


JOHN, 12, 2324342, 13

HENRY, 13,21331223,5

MIKE, 14, 12313,6

TERRY, 11, 231231, 4

JOHN, 12, 123123,5

JOHN, 12, 123123123,5

JOHN, 12, 542423, 6

MIKE, 14, 123123, 6

MIKE, 14, 453234, 90

MIKE, 14, 2131231, 84

HENRY, 13, 23123, 45


As shown, for the NAME column, there are 4 different names. My question is from this one spreadsheet, is it possible to create a graph for each respective NAME vs AGE? By that I mean without having first to sort the data, I can create graph for just JOHN vs AGE. 


Currently I’m selecting both columns for NAME and AGE but by doing so I create a graph for all four names, while as I’m hoping to create a graph for each respective name.


Thank you in advance.

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