In this sheet, I have an example with 3 columns namely Invoice no, LOB and name of the person. Now to start off with a sampling. I would need as output is: at least 50% of the total invoices mentioned, that sample should contain at least one of the invoice from each person(name) and the sampling should also contain at least one invoice from each LOB


Invoice no LOB Name
1 X Sudeep
2 Y Thiru
3 Z Sagar
4 A Sudeep
5 X Thiru
6 Y Sagar
7 Z Sudeep
8 A Thiru
9 X Sagar
10 Y Sudeep
11 Z Thiru
12 A Sagar
13 X Sudeep
14 Y Thiru
15 Z Sagar
16 A Sudeep
17 X Thiru
18 Y Sagar

By: Sudeep

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