Rounding Numbers

I have a Spreadsheet with multiple pages for quoting and pricing equipment.  It’s basically a program I setup with pricing so I can copy and paste.  When the quote is done I move the page to another book that contains all my other quotes.

I’m having a problem that only started happening three days ago.  In the spreadsheet I have a list price and multiply that by say .5 to get my cost and then take that cell which has two decimals and say divide by a 30% profit, =SUM(k22/.7) into another cell with no decimals(j22).  I then have a unit price using the formula into e22 using =j22 which has two decimals which are two zeros because j22 does not have decimals.

I would then move the sheet into another book like I mentioned earlier.  The problem is that all of a sudden when I move it the e22 cell is no longer two zeros, ex. it now reaads $4,230.37

I did not change anything in my spreadsheet template.  It reads how I want it until I move it and again this only started happening a couple of days ago.



By: Dan West

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