INDEX MATCH formula for multiple criteria

I have looked all over and not quite found the answer to my question. I have tried a lot of INDEX and MATCH posts which offer COUNTIF or an absolute, like 3 which is not what I’m after.

I have a sheet with some workflow information on Sheet1 and I’m trying to create a summary dashboard that copies over only relevant data onto Sheet2.

Table below shows original sheet

Team Requested date Not needed Not needed Status Completed date Request Summary
ABC 6-May x y Completed 7-May Cat Needs toys
ABC 2-May x y Unallocated   Dog Needs bones
DEF 7-May x y In progress   Monkey Needs bananas
DEF 1-May x y in progress   Giraffe Would like someone to check his neck
GHI 30-Apr x y Completed 15-May Lion Hungry
GHI 17-May x y In progress   Ibis Thirsty
JKL 17-Apr x y Completed 2-Jun Peacock Bored
JKL 6-May x y Unallocated   Koala Itchy

What I would like my dashboard to show is the request name, the summary, the team and the completed date. BUT only where status = completed AND within a specified date range

Desired output

Request Summary Team Completed date
Cat Needs toys ABC 7-May
Lion Hungry ABC 11-May

Thanks in advance.

By: Fiona

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