Split Column Data into specific rows Quickly


How do I do the following. I have a list of employee data for goals they have set throughout the year. I am trying to get data from one column split into other columns.

For example, each user will have multiple goals and these goals are listed in one column and have different names. I would like to move these goals from column B into C, D, E (on another worksheet tab) so all goals are clearly marked in one row. Please see my table below. 

Does anyone know how I do this. I am using it will involve a query based on user ID but I don’t know how to do


Any help would greatly appreciated


A.           B.               C.            D.            E.

UserID.   Goal Name.  Goal 1.    Goal 2.     Goal 3

1.           Goal 1

1.           Goal 2

1.           Goal 3

By: Tim Hill