How do I Find the Median if my Formula Meets Criteria


Can anyone show me how to write a formula that will find the MEDIAN of a group of numbers in one column related to specific criteria in another column?  My business segment name data is located in column T and my days open numbers are located in column U.  Below is the formula I’ve written thus far but I can’t get it to work:


Below is what I want the formula to do:

Look at the range $T$4:$T$170 on the QTR1_TA_TaleoData spreadsheet and find only those cells that contain a business segment name of IOS; once all the IOS business segment cells have been found, then tell me what the MEDIAN is for the numbers located in range $U$4:$U$170 on the QTR1_TA_TaleoData) spreadsheet for the IOS business segment.

Thank you.

By: Nina

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