Calculate Multi-Look Up Product Formula

I would like to calculate a multi-point multiplication function and am having trouble. I am trying to do the following. 

IF the SUM of one column is equal to the number in an array and the sum of another column is equal to a value in an array, then multiple the % I list next to both columns that match that condition. 

To Summarize I am trying to Say if the sum of sum of a colum is equal to a variable in Wait Staff AND the Sum of another column is equal to a number is Bus Column then multiple the sum of another column by the % that matches that criteria below 


Wait Staff Bus % Bus

2 1 20%

3 1 15%

4 1 15%

3 2 10%

4 2 10%

5 2 10%

6 2 10%

4 3 10%

5 3 10%

6 3 10%

By: Mike M

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