I woiuld like to find all the students in a particular prgram sorted by subject code.  If there is only one subject code per program, my formula works, I am using the array function. {=IFERROR(INDEX(‘CTE Detail’!$A$2:$AO$900000,SMALL(IF(‘CTE Detail’!$M$2:$M$900000=$F$1,ROW(‘CTE Detail’!$S$2:$S$900000)),ROW(‘CTE Detail’!11:11))-1,19),””)}  But when a program has more than one subject code, I am having trouble with adding mutliple codes, nesting.  I have an auto program that has 5 subject codes.  In order to find all of the students in the auto program, I need all 5 subject codes.  How would I build a formula to add all of the subject codes?


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By: Tonya

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