VBA to insert data to correct Row in Table which is specified by a Cell Value

I am a user of Excel for Mac, version 16.16.5.


I am sorry that I have no idea of the required code in total, but I am familiar with recording macros, assigning to control buttons, opening them, editing code (if I know the correct edit), and using functions such as Vlookup.


My data table has unique numerical ID references (1 – n) in Column 1.


Using a macro assigned to a button on the sheet, I need to insert a row of updated data into the table at the correct row. The correct insert row ID will be defined by the value contained within a specific cell, say “A1”.


I believe I need to copy the new row of data (from another point on the same sheet say H26:Y26), then use the value in cell A1 to find the cell in the 1stcolumn of the table at the correct row, THEN Paste Special Format, THEN Paste Special Values.


Can you please help?


Thanks, Bob

By: Bob Johnson

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