Calculating Rental Period

Hi all, 


I need to calculate the rental period for a widget between a start date and an end date. This rental period has to be broken down as follows: 

a) The total number of days between the two dates,

b) The total number of months between the two dates, AND

c) The total number of weeks, AND

d) Total number of days. 


For example, between 11/28/18 and 2/6/2019 there are 101 days. How many months, weeks and days are in 101 days? I need these to be in separate cells. 

I’ve tried a combination of MOD and INT functions, as well as DATEDIF. While I can get the number of months and the number of days, I cannot figure out how to get the number of weeks. The sum of months, weeks, and days should equal to the end date – start date total days.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. This is driving me crazy!

By: Max

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