Adding non continuous cells (A3 A6 A9 etc) from different sheets

I am trying to add cells from differnet sheets that are also not consecutive. So for example, I want to add AA3+AA6+AA9+AA12 from sheet 1 onto sheet 2. I have found two formulas that work when the data is in the same sheet:


=INDIRECT(“AA” & 3+(ROW()-1)*3)



  However when I add sheet1! in, I get an error. If there is a way to make this add multiple sheets, that would be ideal…like if this would work: =sheet1!INDIRECT(“AA” & 3+(ROW()-1)*3)+sheet2!(“AA” & 3+(ROW()-1)*3)+sheet3!(“AA” & 3+(ROW()-1)*3)


I am using 2016 Excel Mac. 


By: Kacy

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