Formula for tiered billing

Hey there!  I’m new here and having trouble setting up a formula that will return a value based on a tiered billing. 


Example: A1 has a value of 1.  I need B2 to return a value of $26.50.  However, if A1 has a value of 2, I need B2 to return a value of $27.75.  A1 has 3, I need B2 to return $29.50 (and so on).

For B2, I have 25 different values that would depend on the value of A1. So the calculation would need to include all 25 values.  

Any help is greatly appreciated!  I look forward to any responses!

By: Casey

One thought on “Formula for tiered billing

  1. D N Maru

    Hi.. You need to explain more on structure of tiered billing. I mean how is calculated/ relationship with each increment etc.

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