Excel text= number value

Is there a formula in Excel that lets me assign a number value to a text word?  I’m making a weekly travel log for my mileage and want to assign the number value of 250 for the text word Moses Lake.  So no matter where I enter the text word Moses Lake in an Excel cell.  It will automaticlly insert 250 in the next cell.


Mon 2  Moses Lake =  250

Tue 3   Tricities   =    324

Wed 4  Yakima   =    450

I want to be able to just type the text- Moses Lake – and the formula will insert the assigned number valule of 250 or Tricities and the formula inserts 324.  I know I will have to assign the number values to the text word (city) but when I do that once I will tell me the miles every time. 

By: Bryan Dowland

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