Add Criteria to existing Index Formula

I have a summary sheet where I’m trying to create a list of all of the people that meet a criteria.  That formula is working, but it is giving me everyone in the entire spreadsheet.  I need to add a date criteria (Leads!x:x), and have only the people for a specific day (today) show up.

I’m not sure how to change the formula or where to add the additional criteria to add where the matching data in Leads!x:x=today.  When I add it in various spots, I get errors or no data.

Please help!

Formula on 2nd sheet (Summary sheet) reads as:
=INDEX(Leads!Z:Z, SMALL(IF($G$4=Leads!V:V, ROW(Leads!$Z4:Z)ROW($Z4)+1), ROW(2:2)))

Here is a link to copy of the google doc.

Thank you in advance for your help with this!

By: Dennis Deramos

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