I need to apply two formulas in one cell(1 formula is Logic one)

Good day Excel experts,

I was wondering if someone could help me to figure out the solution to my concern.

excel formula needed

I’m currently working on a Risk Register document in Excel and have populated 2 separate columns:1) Risk Impact and 2) Risk Probability 

Both of those fields can have values from 1 to 5. It depends how Impact and Probability will of risks will be assessed.

I have a 3rd column called “Risk Severity” where I want to be able to show the result of multiplications of columns “Risk Impact” and “Risk Probability” and also apply a logic formula on top of that result(number). For example, if number is within 21-25 then I want to show a word “Critical”. If a number is within 15-21 range then it should show a word “high” etc. 

I have used this type of formula: =IF(Q6*R6=S6>=21,S6<=25,”Critical”,”Fail”) but it doesn’t even work…

I’m attaching a screenshot here and I would really appreciate any type of assistance here.

Thank you and have a great weekend!



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