Index match with date range and condition

  From 1-Oct-18
  To 4-Oct-18
Date Product Sale
1-Oct-18 coffee 100
1-Oct-18 tea 55
1-Oct-18 milk 75
2-Oct-18 tea 25
2-Oct-18 milk 75
3-Oct-18 Coffee 150
3-Oct-18 Milk 30
4-Oct-18 Coffee 65
4-Oct-18 Milk 40
4-Oct-18 Tea 30
5-Oct-18 Coffee 75
5-Oct-18 Tea 80
5-Oct-18 Milk 90
6-Oct-18 Tea 100
7-Oct-18 Coffe  25
7-Oct-18 Milk 50
7-Oct-18 Tea 75


I have data which is structrued along the lines of the above database, in three columns namely, Date, Product and Sale. I would like to reflect Sales for each of the 3 products (Coffee, Tea and Milk) in three separate dynamic graphs. By dynamic I mean that the graphs should update automatically based on the “To” and “From” dates selected by the User (in the upermost rows). Another challenge is that everyday new data will be added to the database and I want this to be included without any formulae adjustments. How can I do this please? Thanks in advance.

By: Donny

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