How does Increase decimal and Decrease decimal work in Excel

How the increase decimal operation is performed in Excel and how they done it?


Case 1 :


I enter a number in a cell whose number of digit is less than 11. 


For instance A1 cell value be : 123


If I perform 2 times increase decimal operation then value be : 123.00


For every increase decimal operation an additional 0 is appended to the digit in decimal place.




If I enter number greater than 11 it becomes exponent form


For instance I enter 123456789012(greater than 11 digits) the value get changed to exponent form as 1.23457E+11


If I perform increase decimal operation 1 time then value be 1.234568E+11


While performing increase decimal the exponent value is not increased but the digits I entered initially are displaying one by one.


My doubt is 


1.23457E+11 * 10 ie. (Intial value when i entered digits > 11) * (Since I increase by one decimal)


So the result should be 1.23457E+12. Exponent number should be increased as

(1.23457*10pow11) * 10pow1 so result shoud be 1.23457*10pow12 but the value in the cell is 1.234568E+11


I have the same doubt in Decrease decimal too.


Please help me on this.. I want to understand it clearly, So help me guys.



By: Keerthi vasan A

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