Formulas Will Not Calculate With Decimals

I’m using Excel 2010 and saving my worksheet in Workbook Excel-Macro Enabled Workbook or Excel Workbook.  Numbers with decimals will add/subtract,multiply and divide. However, fromulas using Min/Max, IF, And, Median etc; do not return correct results, in this case “Y”,”N”. Numbers with decimals default to “N”.  All cells are formated as numbers with 3 decimal places left of the whole number.  Auto Calculate is on.  Help would be greatly appreciated.

By: Mark

One thought on “Formulas Will Not Calculate With Decimals

  1. Mark

    Further clarification: I hope this example will help. Range: 143.264 – 145.689 Formula: =IF(H12=MEDIAN(K5:O5),”Y”,”N”) where H12 (144.395) K5 (143.264) and O5 (145.689) are the cell values. The formula returns the correct result “Y” if the cell values are whole numbers and “N” for numbers with any decimals (incorrect).

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