Extract all possible matches from single cell

Data  Result     
CLOUDDEP-978, CLOUDDEP-1207 CLOUDDEP-978, CLOUDDEP-1207 Only Values which starts with “Clouddep”
CLOUDDEP-1311, PCD-51560, CLOUDDEP-1207 CLOUDDEP-1311, CLOUDDEP-1207    
CLOUDDEP-1111, NETOPS-11910, NETOPS-10848 CLOUDDEP-1111    
CLOUDDEP-1111, NETOPS-11912 CLOUDDEP-1111    
CM-53752, CM-53180, CM-53283, CM-53284, CM-53345, CM-53346, CM-53347, CM-53348, CM-53495, CM-53751, CM-53755, CM-53756, CM-53765, CM-53771, CM-53775, CM-53778, CM-53779, CM-53780, CM-53782, CM-53783, CM-53784, CM-53785, CM-53786, CM-53787, CM-53788, CM-53789, CM-53790, CM-54258, CM-54898, CM-53774, CM-53285, CM-53286, CM-53287, CM-53753, CM-53754, CM-53761, CM-53762, CM-53763, CM-53764, CM-53766, CM-53767, CM-53768, CM-53770, CM-53776, CM-53777, CLOUDDEP-637 CLOUDDEP-637    

By: Raji Varun

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