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Hi, Lets say that I can export from a system this set of data: 


Student Number Student Name Class Fruit Quantity
1234 Tom 2A Orange 0
1234 Tom 2A Apple 2
1234 Tom 2A Pear 5
1235 Jack 2A Orange 6
1235 Jack 2A Apple 4
1235 Jack 2A Pear 3
1236 Peter 2B Orange 5
1236 Peter 2B Apple 8
1236 Peter 2B Pear 4

But I would like to change the format to as follow:


Student Number Student Name Class Orange Apple Pear
1234 Tom 2A      
1235 Jack 2A      
1236 Peter 2B      

What formula do I use to quickly pluck in the numbers from the exported data to the new format? Thanks in advance.


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