Excel Formulas and Information Lookup

How can I change for this information:

   Column A   Column B
1 company1  Item1
2 company1  Item2
3 company1  Item3
4 company1  Item4
5 company2  Item5
6 company2  Item6
7 company2  Item7

To look like this:

   Column A     Column B    Column C     Column D    Column D
1 company1   Item1        Item2        Item3        Item4
2 company2   Item5        Item6        Item7

If it’s with HLookup please let me know detailed where to click and the formula.
Transpose is not working as I need the information for company 1 to be horizontal and for company 2 separately below and also horizontally.

Thank you in advance!

By: Luiza

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