Excel formula to calculate avg sales cor specific day of week


I need your support to calculate the avg sales for specific product in specific day of week for passed 90 days 

I have table of sales for 457 days from 1st oct until 31 dec next year, i have 4 products A, B,C, D,, let’s say, if 1st Jan was Sunday, I want the avg sales of product A for the passed 90 days from 1st oct previous year until 31st Dec for Sunday only , for 2nd Jan Monday, it should consider 2nd oct until 1st Jan for Monday only for product A, etc for the rest of days. I was trying to use HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP but doesn’t work as l want.


So, appreciate if you have formula can help to get the avg.

Thank you.

By: Murad

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