Vlookup with Condition, return multiple values

I have a data Set for 5 differrent Regions (A,B,C,D,E) and 3 columns of Yearly, Montlhy & Daily data (X,Y,Z). Under each region, there are atleast 50 differrent countries. So Total 250 countries with X,Y,Z data (Table – A1:E250). Table Headers – Region name, Country Name, Yearly, Montlhy & Daily.  Now am trying to wrte a vlookup formula, using the Region name as Identifier, but return values  of the countries under that Region, but with a condition that only if Yearly (“X”) data is negative for the country i.e. The output when Region A (region Name) is typed in a sheet is list of all countries under Region A, where the Yearly data is negative and should be listed with all the 3 columns (X,Y,Z). Kindly help. 

By: Naidu

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