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My problem is that I have two tables and one table that is combining (adding up) the two tables together and I want to be able to sort all 3 tables separately.


To make it clearer I can tell you that it’s sport statistics from 2 different teams that I want to combine so that I have stats from team 1 and stats from team 2 and also a combined total stats table (some players are playing in both teams).

So I want to sort my first table to show who’s got the most points from team number 1 and then sort the second table to show the same thing from team number 2. Then I want the combined table to count table 1 and 2 together and sort it to show the best total leader. 

Then I need to be able to add points and stats to table 1 and 2 during the season and again sort all tables.

Right now when I’m sorting the first table, the combined table’s player names switches position and show wrong stats for each player.

I am using Excel 2016 on Windows 7

BR. John

By: John

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