Linking Cells from 2 workbooks

I’m trying to link most of the data from one workbook into another, and the methods I’ve been googling aren’t working. 

If I try to copy-paste the section of a row I want, then it copies the VLOOKUP the original file is using. One might think, why does this matter? I’m not sure, but all that is pasted is #REF.


I can manually change each cell like so:

Choose cell

Clear formular bar and enter “=”

Click on cell in other workbook I’d like to get data from and hit enter


But this will take me ages as both workbooks are large. Ive also tried doing the first few manually and dragging the cells, hoping excel magic will take the hint and fill in the row with ascending column number, but alas, no magic for me. 

I’ve also tried recording a macro as I manually enter in a cell, but the macro pastes the same cell into any active cell I select. 

I’ve done a little dabbling VBA so I’m open to te idea, but at the moment, I’m out of ideas. I’m also in Excel 2016 for reference.


Any advice would be greatly appreicated! Thanks in advance.

By: Sophia

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