I need an empty cell instead of date

Hi, I’ve spent all day trying to figure this out but nothing seemed to be working.

Basically I have 2 lists. In the first list I have a cell with a date (formatted as a date 14.3.01). When I enter this date in the first list, I need it to automatically fill the same date in the list 2. So I used = sign and connected them. I also formatted the cell in the list 2 as a date. However, if I don’t fill any date in the list 1, I need the cell in the list 2 to be empty too, but instead the cell says “0.1.00”. How do I get rid of that? I need the cell to appear blank, but I can’t use a formula since the cell already has one because I had to connect it to another cell. I’ve tried conditional formatting too but that didn’t work eaither. Any idea how to fix that??

By: Em Leon

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