Expiry Dates/conditional formatting


I have a very large spreadsheet with many columns and many rows. It’s a training matrix for a team of employees. Some of the coumns have dates that have expired or will expire. Some of the traing needs to be done every 2 years, some every 3 years, some don’t expire. My question is about the dates that do expire.

I would like to be able to have conditions on the cells to alert me (with a colour change) when the date is past due, with in 30 days, with in 60 days. Now, out of all the reasearch I have done, none of the tutorials are able to do this. The spreadsheet was created before me so some of the dates are past due by a year or so, but some are current and still valid.

I have gone through some of the rules and conditional formatting tutorials, but none of them can get me to where I need to be.

Is there a way to just add a condition to the cell that will add a certain number of days, months or years to the date that’s currently in the cell, so that when the time is right, the colour changes?



By: Tyler

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