excel for business

I would like to know if I would be able to create an excel book that would do the following:

Using a sheet for each billing period, enter the information for each payee for that period. That information would automatically go into a separate excel book, where there is a page for each payee. So (these would represent a page):

Payee Name  Payee # Invoice # Amount Due

John’s Mowing 1234 5768 500.00 10/10/18


This would show up/be exported automatically into a sheet set up just for John’s Mowing, with a line just as it is above. Each time another line is added for another pay period, it would add to that individual sheet.

Sorry it this is confusing. I know what I’m trying to do but can’t quite put it into words.

I have created speadsheets for work and home, with some training, and I feel very comfortable working with it.

By: Terrie

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