Dependant Drop-downs

Is there a way to use data validation list to display different values from a table.

In the worklist, you enter a transit in column(A), column(B) should display the branch, column(C)the BA and column(G) the BAA.

Due to duplicate transit numbers, column(B) requires a drop-down for users to select which branch.

Example of Table

Transit Branch BA BAA
90270 AAA Bob Jim
90270 BBB Bob Jim
90270 CCC Bob Mitch
90270 DDD Bob Andrew
90857 EEE Ray Bev
90857 FFF Ray Andrew
90857 JJJ Ray Jim
90862 KKK Pam Andrew
90865 LLL Fay Mitch
90868 MMM Pam Mitch
90892 NNN Ben Bev

By: Louie Jimenez

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