Conditional Formatting

So, I have been trying to conditionally format a large excel file containing data for many different products. For example, let say I have 3 different products with 3 different requirements and test results for protein. (Product 1: tested at 14.5 requirement was 15.0, Product 2: tested at 9.6 requirement was 8.0, Product 3: tested at 25.3 requirment was 21.0). I want to be able to highlight in green the ones that passed the requirement, and highlight the ones in red that did not pass the requirement. I am able to individually condition a single cell, but my aim is to apply the rule to the whole column, because like I said, there is a lot of data.


I appreciate any help!!



By: Derek

One thought on “Conditional Formatting

  1. LJ

    Hi Derek,
    Create your formatting rule and save.
    Open conditional formatting again and select Manage Rules, find the rule and change the value in the Applies to field to indicate the column that the rule will be applied to.


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