if funtion

I had face some problem if funtion what does mean and how to formula create…use a logical function to find out if each customer is eligible for a daily deal (Y) or not (N), based on Column E. (*Hint – use a nested if function)
Monday 20% off total bill
Tuesday Free dessert
Wednesday Mains – Buy 1 Get 1
Thursday 10% off total bill
Friday No deal
Saturday No deal
Sunday Free side order

how to crate formulate for this query.

By: mohit \jain

One thought on “if funtion

  1. Aitizaz Ahmad


    The question is incomplete. If you want to apply a query on the data, you need to define the criteria first. You have not define the criteria for a deal i.e. who will get the deal. Once the criteria is define, it is easy to create a query for that.

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