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I’m fairly new to this forum and quite sure that someone has already asked similar question but hopefully my question is still a bit of sophisticated and distinguished from others.

I have been given a spreadsheet in Excel with already prepared activity calendar for the whole year separated by 4 quarters. 

To me this spreadsheet-calendar is more than needed and looks useful. However, other parties have asked me to come up with some kind of graph/chart in order to represent the data in a bit more “visual/consumable” way.

I have 1st column with “reference ID#”, 2nd column with the actual “Item” name/short description and then 3rd column is represented by 12 months separately as a whole year divided into 4 quarters. 

“Reference ID#” should be somehow linked to “Items” column and each of those items have their activity sequence. Either each month or once in a year or once in the end of each 2 months etc.

Is there a way to plot this data above on a graph/diagram in a way that I can simply select a specific month and it will show me all reference ID# along with the Item names and their specific dates which are scheduled to happen within this specific month? 

The idea is to be able to present this as a 1 slide in PowerPoint so this whole “calendar” should be simplified?

Calendar provided


I would really appreciate any possible help here.

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