Formula as Text Issue

Hello Sir/Madam,

Im wondering if youd be able to AID me with an issue im having, im not even sure if there is a work around. Background i have been tasked with collating information from Excel Sheets that havent been created yet as they are created everyday and populated (same sheetformat & same name format). So i have created a formula using concatenate for all the sheets for the remainder of the year, which is basically a link to the cell to a sheet no created yet.

So the pasting option that is scattered around the internet doesnt work as the formual does work yet until the sheet is created, So all the formulas are appearing as text and not a formula so dont work until you click into the cell to make Excel realise its just a formula that doenst work. So is there a way to select hundreds of cells and make them register the formula doesnt work or will i need to click into each cell?

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Ben Tromans


By: Ben

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