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We have a workbook that HR will add certain deductionns or reimburesments that are owed to certain employees.  Example below

HR will add $10 next to Shellys name.  Payroll then gives it to her.  I then go and make sure it was added.  I just put a strike through in the cell that had $10.  This tells me we paid the employee.


If I do not put a strikethrough in that cell, HR assumes the money wasn’t yet given to employee.  So HR will then create a new worksheet for the next payroll week.  (each week we have a different worksheet).  When HR creates a new worksheet for the next pay period she manually copy and paste the same name and adds $10 into the cell.  This is telling payroll the money was not given to employee and still needs to this current week.  


Can we have a formula that says somehting like….IF Sheet 1 B2 doesn’t have a strikethrough then auto copy to Sheet 2 B2.

Then…. If Sheet 1 has astrikethrough then do NOT bring it to SHeet 2 B2


I hope this make since.  I can change the way I mark if the money was given to the employee from Strikethrough to something else.  I prefer not to zero it out though as I want to see that in past weeks.  


thank you

By: Natalie

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