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Ive created a spreadsheet for my towing business. The rows are dedicated to date specific transactions where the colomns are used for description of transaction, transaction type, amount, etc. What i am looking to do is somehow relate two colomns information to sort specific companys payment totals. For example in column C it is labeled Issuing Company. Colomn D is payment amount. I want to make a separate calculation near my totals to be able to search every time a specific company makes a payment it calculates its totals. Example: 


Colomn A             Colomn B               Colomn C

9/1/18                 Company A                    100.00

9/1/18                 Company A                      75.00

9/1/18                 Company B                      50.00

9/2/18                 Company C                    124.00

9/2/18                 Company A                     75.00


What i am trying to do is link the information between colomn B and Colomn C. At the end of the month i would like to create a formula that calculates all the payments seperatly made by each company seperatly. Leaving Company A with a total amount payed, Company B with a total amount payed, and Company C with its total amount payed. The only difference from my example and my original is that there are a few colomns of information inbetween company name and payment amount.


By: Michael Hurgoiu

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