Consolidate data from many sheets


I’ve got about 100 worksheets that’s been saved over the last 8 years containing a list (data dump) of all employees in the company. Each file is named with the date the sample was taken, i.e “Employee list 2013-04-12.xls” etc and they are all identically formated with Column A representing emplyment number, B – name of employee, C-grade, date of joining etc etc. For example:

John Doe Management CEO 26-oct-1998

2 Sarah Doe Management COO 23-sep-2002


1346 Adam Wise Sales Assistant 11-jan-2011

1347 Laura Adams Sales Manager 28-feb-2012

I’d like to graphically represent how the total numbers of emplyees has changed over this period of time. So what I would like to do is consolidate these 100 sheets into one diagram with X-axis representing the days the list was saved and Y-axis representing total number of emplyees.

Any suggestions how to go about it?

By: Knut Carlsson

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