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I would like to know how could I assign values to text, or better said, for my “products”. I’m fashioning a drink calculator for my bar. It has a name of the dirnk in column A and the ingredients in in the following columns. On the rows there would be in drop down menus an ingredient. In the end, in column M, there would be the price. 

The problem is that because I have a lot of different variables, NESTED IF function is too heavy and it’s not possible to nest more than 64 functions in one cell.

I already have my prices on a separate list, so I don’t think that VLOOKUP would work in this situation

So, with what function could I assing;

1. a price for eg. “Whiskey 4cl”, “Vodka 8cl”, to be used in the sheet with “recipes” like shown here below

2. to sum those all together in the M column


Thank you so much for your help!

Drink Alcohol 1 Alcohol 2 Alcohol 3 Soft Drink 1 Soft Drink 2 Soft Drink 3 Fruit 1 Fruit 2 Condiment Condiment 2 Ice Price
Cosmic Mojito Rum 4cl     Lime juice     Lime Mint   Yes xxx
Gin Tonic                        
Long Island Ice Tea                        
Pina Colada                        
Tom Collins                        
Whiskey Sour                        
Bloody Mary                        
Old Fashioned                        

By: Tomi Antila

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